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Kimazou S.A. is a fuel company founded in 2012 by Mildred Noisy, Randolph Rameau and Ralph Pereira. At the beginning of its operation, Kimazou partnered with Tri-Star Transport, an LLC based in Dubaï. Their sole purpose was to import oil from the Dominican Republic and distribute it to all the UN Bases in Haiti. After 4 years, Tri-Star Transport and Kimazou opened an oil terminal in Martissant...

In 2017, when the United Nations Mission (MINUSTAH) announced that they were to leave Haiti, the Haitian partners, decided that it was time to re-invent the company. They were soon joined by the Caribbean Investor Capital (CIC) an investment bank in Haiti. Kimazou S.A. soon became Kimazou Energie S.A. an energy company based in Haiti, that supplies oil and propane to the population through its flagship stations Go and Rezovert. By 2019 Kimazou Energie S.A. had more that 52 “Go” stations, and through its network employed more than 500 employees.

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Gaz station Go (Kimazou)


GO is the leading haitian owned fuel distribution company in Haiti. As of 2019 GO had more than 50 gas stations around the country.

Rezovert propane gaz (Kimazou)


Created in 2019, Rezovert distributes propane gas throughout Haïti.

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